Enjoy a day with animals! An exciting but refreshing trip to Fuji Safari Park

Fuji Safari Park features a variety of animals living like in wild. If you want to visit the park, do visit it in spring! There are a lot to explore in spring, such as witnessing the birth of an animal baby, the new jungle bus just released this year, etc. Let’s create some joyful memories for this year’s spring!

A very popular safari park where you can observe the animals' daily life

Fuji Safari Park is located in Susono city, Shizuoka prefecture, featuring a variety of animals, ranging from fierce animals to herbivorous animals. The park is divided into two zones: the safari zone and the fureai zone, which is a zone for feeding and playing with cute animals. What’s more, the park also features a great location – there you can enjoy the spectacular view of Mt. Fuji, the highest and thus best-known mountain in Japan. In addition to the best location, the park is popular among families for many interesting events such as animals feeding.

Although the access to the zoo is not very easy, it takes no more than two hours in total. First, from Tokyo station, take a highway bus to Gotemba station. Then, transfer a local bus bounding for Fuji Safari Park.

Observe wild animals up close from underneath in a jungle bus

The previous jungle bus in Fuji Safari Park has been famous for its wire-netted windows through which you can see animals up close. In late March 2017, a new jungle bus started operating in the park. The new bus features not only the wire-netted windows, but also a wire-netted ceiling!

The ferocious lions and bears will be tempted by the bait put above the ceiling, and climb up to the top of the bus. This way, you can see them very closely from underneath, which you absolutely cannot experience in a conventional zoo. It is so exciting that I bet your heart beats fast as the animals get closer to you.

Animal feeding: fierce animals or mild animals?

While Fuji Safari Park is extremely popular for the impressive jungle bus, animal feeding is also one of the major attractions. There are not only lovely animals such as lemurs and porcupines, but also ferocious animals such as leopards and hippos, and you can try feeding them yourself. Be reminded that leopard feeding and hippo feeding are limited on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays only. So don’t miss it!

Get a nice prize in the horse racing session!

What is special is that, you can have fun watching horse racing at Fuji Safari Park. Even if you do not know much about horse racing, don’t worry! To enjoy this session, no knowledge of horse racing is necessary at all.

Despite the name “horse racing”, in fact, instead of horses, ponies are the ones to run here. A pony is smaller than a horse. Even though it is said to be a small horse, when a pony strives its hardest to run, it is still very fast and powerful. While kids are of course very enthusiastic about this session, I am sure adults are pleased to watch it too. The prize is decent if the horse you bet on wins! Let’s see if you are lucky or not!

Have fun with adorable animals in Fureai Bokujo area

After watching an exciting horse racing, don’t you feel like calming yourself down? You can have fun with the animals in Fureai Bokujo (Petting Zoo) area, where animals chill out freely. There are cute animals such as capybara, patagonian mara, meerkat, etc. It certainly warms your heart when you see kangaroos standing still adorably!

Spring is a season for the birth of animals

Want to witness the birth of a baby animal? In spring, baby animals are born and those who were born during the winter are revealed to public at the park. The tiny babies are cute anyway! Information about the baby animals are available on Fuji Safari Park’s website. Let’s check what you can see!

Night Safari: reopen in late April!

Every year in winter, some events are suspended because of the cold weather. Starting from late April, those events are back! One of those popular events people wait for long is, Night Safari.

It is most exciting when the darkness comes at night in Fuji Safari Park. Remember the bus tour which is thrilling enough during daytime? With no doubt it becomes even more thrilling at night. Take a peek into the world of night with a night vision scope!

Among the many animals we see in the park during daytime, there are actually not a few nocturnal animals. Lions and tigers are examples. It must be a valuable experience to observe them being active when it is dark.

When you visit Fuji Safari Park, go and have a look at the nocturnal animals at nighttime, especially for those who have never experienced a night safari before! The journey in the dark will surely be a wonderful memory!

Fuji Safari Park: your choice for a spring trip

There are a lot you can enjoy in Fuji Safari Park. Book your flight with us and get yourself refreshed in the trip!