Dream to be a samurai? Let's go to Samurai Museum Shinjuku in Tokyo

Have you every thought of becoming a samurai? Visit the samurai museum in Tokyo for a chance to pose with a samurai sword in your hand and wear the samurai armor!

Become a samurai in Tokyo!

If you ever longed to become a Japanese samurai or learn more about them, you can visit the samurai museum. More fun experiences are waiting for you!

Head to the biggest downtown area, Kabukicho

Samurai museum is located in Tokyo’s biggest downtown area, Kabukicho. As there are so many people, shops and large billboards, you might doubt whether you can become a samurai in this contemporary-Tokyo street. Don’t you worry, you will sure arrive safely at the samurai museum.

Japanese-styled entrance to the museum

You will stop by a Japanese-styled mansion among a line of tall buildings. The museum exterior looks like it was left behind since the ancient times. Get ready to step inside the world of samurais!

Extraordinary samurai weapons

“Has these samurais been fighting with this?”

In the hall where lighting gradually fades, you will see a line-up of fire guns, swords and armor. These are even more amazing when you see them in real life!

English guides are also available so take this chance to learn more about the exhibitions at this museum.

Transform into a samurai!

Wear a helmet, hold a sword and transform into a samurai! Stand in front of shimmering gold screen and pose for a commemorative photo!

Full-fledged samurai experience upon reservation

Those who would like to have a full-fledged samurai experience, you can make a reservation in advance and here you’ll get to wear the fully-equipped armor and have your photo taken by a professional photographer. This plan costs an extra fee but if you have an interest in samurais you should definitely go for this offer.

Sword performances

A powerful sword battle unfolds in front of you. In the museum, a sword show by a performer from famous TV shows and movies are being held 4 times everyday. After watching this performance, your admiration for samurais rise up!

Here you can learn how to hold a Japanese sword like a samurai

You can reserve the “Japanese sword course” which is held every Friday. A professional Japanese sword lecturer will guide you how to handle Japanese swords. Now you are one step closer to becoming a samurai!

Samurai-related merchandise on sale

If you are captivated by the exhibits, why don’t you bring back a souvenir from the museum? At the samurai museum, they offer merchandises that will never make you forget about your day here. Give these to your family and friends who knows, one day they might turn into a samurai fan too!

Become a samurai at Kabukicho, Tokyo

If you have an interest in samurais, make sure you add this museum to your itinerary. Find the best tickets to Tokyo at DeNA TRAVEL and get ready to become a samurai!