Nutritious and rich in antioxidants! Blueberry picking in Japan

It is said that blueberries help protect your body against aging, heart disease and improves your vision. Eating blueberries will surely make your health better, and in this article we will introduce you about blueberry plantation in Japan and more!

The no. 1 antioxidant fruit

Blueberries are most famous for its ability to improve vision. They contain anthocyanin, which strengthens retinal function. Other benefits of eating blueberry include anti-aging, suppressing blood pressure and improve memory.

Since there is no scientific proof for why you should not eat blueberries, hesitate no more and taste this delicious fruit!

The sweetness of ripe blueberries

There are many farms in Japan where you can do blueberry picking. Some of them offer the “all you can eat” package so here’s the chance to eat as much blueberries as you want!

Blueberry tastes best when they turn dark blue and you can just pull them off the tree when they ripe. Remember, the ones that are a little red or the ones that doesn’t fall off the branches easily aren’t ready yet.

Blueberry picking on the mountain at Tottori prefecture

“Blueberry Jito Farm” in Tottori prefecture has 7 types of blueberry and 8000 blueberry bushes for you to pick from! The all-you-can-eat service is only 500 yen with no time limit so fill your stomach with these delicious blueberries!

Blueberries are roughly divided into two types. “Highbush” blueberries are can be found in late June to August and these have both sweet and sour taste. Rabbiteye blueberries grow during late August to late September, and have a sweeter taste than the highbush type.

Enjoy tasting different kinds of blueberries here!

100% organic blueberry at Manda Blueberry Farm

“Manda Blueberry Farm” in Tachikawa, Tokyo is where you can pick up as many blueberries as you want and pay for them depending on their weight. The blueberries here are guaranteed 100% pesticide-free and it is safe for families with children. This farm is also a great sightseeing spot.

Here, you can also buy the farm’s original blueberry jam, which makes a good souvenir for your family and friends!

Find over 30 types of blueberries at "Blueberry Farm Okazaki"

This blueberry plantation farm is very popular with over 10,000 visitors during the season. You will find more than 30 types of blueberry here but what you should not miss is the blueberry frozen yogurt.

Since there are various types of blueberries and blueberry-flavoured desserts, please visit Blueberry Farm Okazaki!

Let's go blueberry picking during summer vacation!

Of course you can buy frozen blueberries or ripe ones at your local supermarket but isn’t it more fun to go out and bring back the blueberries you picked during your trip? Prepare yourself for blueberry picking trips by finding the best flights at DeNA TRAVEL.