Enjoy delicious barbecues with empty hands! Highly recommended for big groups of people traveling to Tokyo

If you are traveling in a big group, say going for a family trip, or a company trip, dining would be a problem. How about having a barbecue so that everyone can enjoy?

In Tokyo, there are many good barbecue places where you can go empty-handed. Let’s have fun with your family and friends at a barbecue!

Just go empty-handed! Barbecue in Tokyo is easy!

Isn’t it fun to have a barbecue with a big group of family members or friends? It is a lot easier than reserving a really big table in a restaurant, and it won’t cost you much! But remember the experience of last time? It was a hard work preparing griddles and ingredients, not to mention tidying everything up afterwards…

Hey! Having a barbecue in Tokyo, you simply do not need to prepare anything in advance, even the ingredients! Just go empty-handed! No preparing. No tidying up. Sounds unbelievable, right?

Enjoy the nature! End your barbecue trip with a refreshing hot spring

I guess no one would expect an indoor barbecue. Speaking of barbecue, everyone looks forward to enjoying the nature. But in Tokyo, such a bustling metropolis, is there any natural environment for people to relax in? Certainly yes! The countryside of Tokyo is very rich in nature, surprisingly. Enjoying barbecues in the countryside, it is just like going camping!

Take “Akigawa-bashi Kasen-koen Barbecue Land” as an example. It is located in Akigawa Valley, where it takes about an hour by train from Tokyo station. Utensils such as griddles are for rent at the barbecue place, so all you need is just ingredients. Ordering ingredient or food delivery, you actually need not bring anything in advance.

Nothing on earth is perfect. Whenever you are having a barbecue, you are soaked with sweat, right? This time, you can say goodbye to such unpleasant memories. Just 30 minutes by bus from the barbecue place, there is a hot spring named “Seoto-no-yu”. Get refreshed after a hot barbecue! The place provides also accommodation so you can stay there for a night too.

Best choice for city person: have the barbecue elegantly in a cafe

If you feel that having a barbecue in nature is too wild, “CAFE HAUS” is a recommendation for you. It is located right outside Toyosu station in Tokyo.

The only thing you have to do in advance is to make a reservation. The restaurant serves everything needed for a barbecue, including utensils and ingredients. So just go with empty hands!

Tents are provided in case of rain

The restaurant helps you all the way! For those who are not experienced in barbecuing, the staff there will show you how to grill. In case if it rains, tents are provided so that the barbecue will go on despite of the weather. What else are you worrying about?

Don’t you think it is fantastic to have a barbecue handily in a well-prepared restaurant?

Enjoy a high-class barbecue in a hotel

Let’s go to a classy restaurant in a hotel to enjoy a luxurious barbecue in the heart of Tokyo! Sheraton Miyako Hotels Tokyo is located in Shirokanedai. Café California, a restaurant in the hotel, offers barbecue party from May to October every year.

Barbecue in the hotel features a variety of expensive ingredients

There are luxurious ingredients like deluxe beef and lobster served at a barbecue in the hotel. It is a 2-hour all-you-can-eat course. Don’t miss the chance to have a try of the food you normally do not get! The desserts are must-try too!

For those not satisfied with a conventional barbecue: a boat barbecue!

Do you fancy a more special barbecue? A boat barbecue is the choice for you! There are lots of barbecue plans with rental boats offered, at least one of which will fit your budget and the number of people. There are plans for up to 250 people!

Enjoy the night view of Tokyo while having fun at a barbecue

What else is better than enjoying the spectacular night view of Tokyo and a delicious barbecue together? It must be an unforgettable experience laughing with friends and family on a boat under the sparkling sky of Tokyo!

Barbecue party: best for big groups traveling to Tokyo

Isn’t it a brilliant idea for a big group of people to have barbecue when traveling? In Tokyo, there are various choices of barbecues you can enjoy easily and conveniently, while no preparation in advance is needed.

Book your flight to Tokyo with us. Have a memorable trip with your family and friends!