Looking for animation goods? Let's go to Animate!

Japanese animation, “anime” in Japanese, is very popular all around the world. If you are interested in Japanese animation, why don’t you come to Japan? “Animate” is the largest retailer of animations, games, and comic books (“manga” in Japanese) in Japan. For anime lovers, it is surely your dream place to go! This time, we are going to introduce “Animate”.

You can find any anime products there

Being the largest animation shop in Japan, Animate offers almost all of the anime-related items, including mangas, DVDs, Blu-ray DVDs, games, and character goods, etc… Animate is especially famous for offering the newest products of the latest animations being broadcasted. You can find anything related to anime there!

The most up-to-date mangas, CDs, and games are all available here in Animate. Walk around in the store and you will know what is hot now!

Even materials for drawing mangas and illustrations are for sale here!

What’s more, Animate also features doujinshi, which refers to manga created by fans for fans. While you can hardly find doujinshis outside Japan, you can get as many as you like readily here in Animate! For manga or anime lovers, other than buying doujinshis, how about giving a try on drawing your own one?

Exclusive items for sale in Animate: must-buys for fans!

There are usually exclusive items for sale together with the newly launched products of hot animes. These rare items are often sold out in just a moment, so don’t hesitate if you chance to see any exclusive items!

"Kitchen Car" at the headquarters store

The headquarters store of Animate is located in Ikebukuro in Tokyo. The store collaborates with best-selling animes to cooperate a “Kitchen Car”. “Kitchen Car” offers special drinks related to popular characters, and exclusive anime goods for sale at “Kitchen Car” only.

For anime fans, don’t miss the “Kitchen Car”! The collaboration this time might happen to be the anime you love!

Animate and popular animes collaborate in more other ways too!

There is a frequent event “Only Shop”, which is basically an exhibition corner for one specific anime only. Anime goods are for sure available in the event, and what makes fans crazy about is the original illustrations, cardboard cut-outs, and even figures in life size!

What’s more exciting is, “Only Shop” sometimes invites the most popular characters and their voice actors to give a visit and meet their fans!

There are luxurious promotion events for the launch of new anime products!

Despite the high cost, Animate invites singers of popular anime songs, voice actors of most beloved characters to be guests in launch events. The exciting news is, the launch events often include handshake sessions and autograph sessions! Seize the chance during your visit!

Animate cafe: surrounded by your most loved anime in 360°

Animate cafe is a collaborative cafe, which is always a hot topic among anime lovers.

When you step into the cafe, it becomes an anime world in 360 degrees! Without a doubt, there is a special menu for every collaborated anime, not to mention exclusive anime goods.

To enjoy a meal in the cafe, you need to purchase in advance a ticket which specifies the appointed date and time of the reservation. This way, you don’t have to wait a long line before entering the cafe.

But the fact is, it is not that easy to reserve a ticket, whilst it is not hard to imagine how passionate the fans are to dine in this fantastic cafe – the tickets are often fully booked. So if you have any friends in Japan, try to ask for help!

Over 30 Animate stores in all over Japan

Animate stores are located everywhere in Japan. No matter which city in Japan you are going to visit, just drop by an Animate store!

For those who plan to visit the headquarters store, it is located in Ikebukuro in Tokyo. Be reminded that there are several Animate stores in Ikebukuro, so make sure the one you visit is the headquarters one! To Ikebukuro station, it takes only around 20 minutes from Tokyo station by metro.

Animate, a heaven where you want to stay forever

Animate, especially the headquarters store in Ikebukuro, is a heaven for anime fans and manga fans! I bet you won’t want to leave once you step in the store. Don’t want to regret after getting home? Buy all products of the animes you love, and bring them all home!

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