Recommended day trips from Tokyo: the port city, Yokohama

Yokohama is an area close to the sea and it is a popular tourist spot because you can experience the beautiful and refreshing landscape. There are various sightseeing spots at Yokohama that you can visit during your day trip. We will be introducing recommended places in Yokohama when traveling with children as well.

Visit the amusement park – Yokohama Cosmo World

There is an amusement park called “Yokohama Cosmo World” in Yokohama. This amusement park does not charge any entrance admission fee. There are 31 attractions in the park, you can buy tickets just for your favourite attraction and enjoy. One of the popular attractions at Yokohama Cosmo World is the Ferris wheel where you can see the sea and the whole city of Yokohama from above.

Learn more about cup noodles at the "Cup Noodle Museum"

After having fun at Yokohama Cosmo World, you can visit the “Cup Noodle Museum” which a few minutes walk from the amusement park. The Cup Noodle Museum is founded by Nissin, the first company who invented instant noodles.

The museum is divided into different sections. There’s a factory area where you can experience the production process and you can even make your own original-flavoured cup noodle! You can learn about the founder, Mr Momofuku Ando, through CG and animation. It is an interactive way of learning which is suitable for kids as well.

Make your own cup noodle!

At the museum, you can make your own cup noodle. This means you can also choose what you put in! Design yourself a cup, pick something you like from the four soups, and choose 4 toppings from 12 kinds of ingredients. Be creative with your original cup noodle flavour since you won’t be able to find it anywhere else!

The largest aquarium in Japan – Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is largest aquarium in Japan and here you can find lots of sea animals such as seals and polar bears!

See dolphins up close

This aquarium has an area where you can interact with sea creatures. You can see dolphins and otters from close up. Feel and enjoy communicating with the dolphins, their lovable expressions will make you fall in love with them even more.

Adorable otters

At the aquarium, you can get in contact with the otters. Occasionally, the aquarium will set up water fields and stumps for the otters and visitor can see them playing around in their habitat.

Meet fluffy Red Pandas at Nogeyama Zoo

You can meet other animals at “Yokohama Nogeyama Zoo”. There are more than 100 kinds of animals and the admission is free! The zoo is famous for red pandas. Its fluffy body and big round eyes will capture the hearts of all visitors to the zoo!

The cute ball of fur, Guinea pigs

Just like Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Yokohama Nogeyama Zoo also has areas to interact with the animals. You can touch and play with the mice and guinea pigs. On weekends, a numbered ticket is required, and time for interaction is limited to 20 minutes. In addition, the zoo offers a program for visitors so that they can study about the ecology of animals, such as touching eggs of chickens, watching rats balancing on the tightrope, and so on!

A recommended day trip from Tokyo

You can visit Yokohama for a one day trip since it is very close to Tokyo. It takes about 25 minutes to get to Yokohama from Tokyo Station by train. You can also take the limousine bus directly to Yokohama from the airport. It is a 30-minute bus ride from Haneda airport and 90-minute bus ride from Narita airport.

Spend your vacation in Yokohama!

There are many spots that everyone can enjoy in Yokohama such as cup noodle museums, aquariums and zoos. It is very convenient to get to Yokohama because it is close to Tokyo and has good access from the airport. Feel the refreshing sea breeze at Yokohama next time you visit Japan. Find your tickets on DeNA TRAVEL and have a nice trip!