Visit owl cafes in Tokyo

Here is the chance to meet birds that will bring you luck, the owls! These big-eyed, fluffy birds will make you fall in love with them even more.

What is an owl cafe?

An owl cafe is a cafe where you can meet and touch the owls as well as enjoying you meal at the same time. According to a questionnaire, Japanese people have voted owls as the number one animal they would want as a pet. Because of its popularity, there are now many owl cafes all over Japan.

Owl is a symbol of good luck

Owls are widely recognized as the symbol of “wisdom”. In Japan, owls symbolizes “hardship” and “bring good luck” therefore if you visit some shrines you’ll see owl-shaped amulets and lucky charms.

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Owl Cafe Mohumohu at Shinjuku

It is convenient to get to Shinjuku from other places in Tokyo. At Shinjuku, there is an owl cafe called “Owl Cafe Mohumohu” and you can make reservations in advance here.

Meet the 10 owls

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There are 10 owls at this cafe and each of them have a different personality. Don’t forget to bring your camera for this wonderful experience!

There is also an owl cafe at Ginza

If you’re shopping at Ginza and want to take a break and see these cute owls, you don’t have to go all the way to Shinjuku since there’s also Owl Cafe Mohumohu at Ginza! It is a 3-minute walk from Ginza station to the cafe.

Resevations for Owl Cafe Mohumohu Ginza

A compromise with your shopping time

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These owls will make you smile before you even notice it. Although owl cafes limit the number of people entering the cafe, it is recommended to make a reservation so you can enter the cafe with your group.

Harajuku: Fukuro no Sato

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Besides Ginza and Shinjuku, there’s an owl cafe at Harajuku as well. After visiting Meiji-Jingu shrine, don’t forget to boost up your luck at Fukuro no Sato.

These owls will make your trip more memorable

Owl cafes are becoming a popular tourist spots for tourists. Add this on your schedule and make a reservation for the cafes at VELTRA. By all means, we are now offering value flight tickets to Tokyo!