Travelling in Tokyo: Plenty of things to do and budget accomodation at Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro is one of the famous sightseeing spots recommended in many tour guides. You might think that the hotels there are expensive, but actually there are lots of budget accommodation you can find!

Since it is a great spot for sightseeing, we’ll introduce you to what you can do at Ikebukuro.

All the trendy items you can find at Ikebukuro

There are a number of shops around Ikebukuro station. Other than department stores, there are small shops, restaurants and commercial buildings.

Akihabara might have been known as the best place to get anime and manga-related merchandise, but don’t underestimate what you will find at Ikebukuro.

There is an indoor theme park inspired by anime and anime-themed cafes at Ikebukuro. The largest anime shop in Japan is also located in Ikebukuro, so if you’re a fan of anime and manga you should definitely visit this place.

Other than anime, Akihabara is also famous for its electronic shops. It is a popular spot for tourists who are looking to buy home appliances back to their country. However, did you know that Ikebukuro is also considered as an “electric town?”

There are household appliance retail shops at Ikebukuro, and not only electric appliances but you can also buy alcohol, sweets and medicine there.

Indoor sightseeing spots at Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro is also famous for its indoor sightseeing spots such as the aquarium, indoor amusement parks and museums so you can enjoy your time at Ikebukuro even though it is raining! These facilities are popular dating spots for couples as well as families and children.

Find cheap accommodation at the west exit side of Ikebukuro

Most of the popular sightseeing area we introduced are at the east exit side of Ikebukuro station.

If all the tourist spots are at the east side, then you would think that there is nothing interesting at the west side right? Actually, the west exit side of Ikebukuro is the area where you can find budget accommodation. Since there are many facilities for employees as well as tourists, the number of accommodations are gradually increasing as well.

A number of accommodation options

At the west side of Ikebukuro, there are various types of hotel, and most important – cheap! There are business hotels suitable for an employee visiting on a business trip, hotel for staying at a convenience and not providing meals and capsule hotels. There are many options for you to choose from according to your sightseeing schedule.

Are you a solo-female traveler? There are women-only hotels in Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro has gained popularity from women and one of those reasons is because there are women-only hotels. Recently in Japan, there is an increasing number of hotels and facilities developed for women only and Ikebukuro is on the rise of one and another. If there is a women-only floor at a hotel, it will ensure security for the female guest. The hotel specialized for female tourists are now more substantial. There is also a place where you can stay where they provide beautiful home appliances and a ladies-only plan service such as massage and amenity goods!

Experience traditional Japanese arts at the west side of Ikebukuro

Of course, other than hotels, there are also sightseeing spots at the west exit of Ikebukuro. One of the recommended visit spots in Japan is “Ikebukuro performance venue”. Here you can enjoy Japanese traditional storytelling called “Rakugo”. It is popular among tourists to see an actor going up to the stage alone, reading a story and make the audience laugh without big props.

One of the major interchange train stations

Eight railway lines including the Yamanote line (which is the main railway line of Tokyo) passes through Ikebukuro station. Ikebukuro itself is also a big sightseeing spot, but you can also access to other sightseeing spots from there.

From Tokyo station (40 minutes by bus from Haneda airport) it takes around 20 minutes to get to Ikebukuro via the Yamanote line.

The west exit of Ikebukuro is the heaven for cheap accommodation!

Although it seems that the hotels might be expensive when it’s near a famous tourist destination, just stay a night at Ikebukuro as there are many cheap hotels at the west exit side. Enjoy sightseeing as it is and take advantage of its convenience of transportation system, it is easy to get access to other places. Find the best flight tickets to Tokyo with us at DeNA TRAVEL.