Dolphin-watching tours in Japan

We’ll make dolphin lover’s dream come true. Japan is surrounded by the seas where dolphins live so if you go around there, the encounter rate is close to 100%!

Oahu Island in Hawaii is widely recognized as a place where you can encounter dolphins. However, you don’t need to go all the way to Hawaii since you can meet dolphins in Japan as well!

Lets make wonderful memories together with these dolphins.

When the time and season is right, dolphins will come and say hi!

Wild dolphins are curious animals and often swim close to the sightseeing boats. Since there are many locations in the sea where dolphins live in, there are dolphin-watching trips offered. Since the areas where dolphins live in are quite specified, the encounter rate is guaranteed to be close to 100%.

Dolphin watching tours are generally carried out around April to October.

Kumamoto Prefecture: You can meet dolphins all year round at Amakusa

Amakusa at Kumamoto Prefecture is a town that doesn’t sell only dolphins-related merchandise but you can encounter wild dolphins throughout the year!

After boarding onto the ship for 15 minutes departing from the reservation centre, dolphins will come up and greet you. If you’re lucky, you might encounter baby dolphins in April and October.

Nagasaki Prefecture: A memorable family trip

Kazusa dolphin-watching tour departs from Hayasaki strait in Nagazaki prefecture is recommended for families. Bring in family members from 3 generations and your family will get a discount on the boarding fee. Their experienced tour guide will take you to the best place on the sea so you can almost certainly meet the dolphins. However if there are unexpected cases and you are unable to see the dolphins, they will give you a free tour ticket which is valid for 5 years.

Aichi Prefecture: Where you can touch the dolphins!

Himakajima island in Aichi prefecture holds a large dolphin event during May to September. Take this chance to touch them and feed them food! There are also attractions that you can go into the water and interact with them. You don’t need to go on the ship so the fee is relatively cheap, and this event is recommended for those who are concerned about seasick and travelling with small children.

Tokyo: Swim with the dolphins

If you are not satisfy with just observing, visit Ogasawara islands in Tokyo. It might be a long ship journey from the city area in Tokyo, but this is one of the best chances to get to swim with the dolphins. We promise it will be worth the time.

As it is one of the most popular destinations to meet dolphins, it is recommended to reserve their diving tours beforehand. You will be moved with this experience as you have come this far to swim beside them.

It is advised that you should practise diving and this tour is also suitable for beginners as well since there are life jackets provided too. There are many places that offer swim and diving tours at Ogasawara so feel free to look for the best course that suits you!

Visit dolphins on your next trip to Japan!

Dolphins usually live in the same habitat so no matter how many times you come back, you are likely to reunite with the same group of dolphins! If you are really lucky, these dolphins might show you their cool tricks! Get the best flight deals with us at DeNA TRAVEL and revisit the dolphins as much as you want!