Go rickshaw! Visiting the popular tourist spots all around Japan

Rickshaw (jinrikisha in Japanese) is a traditional transportation means in Japan. Don’t you think it is super cool to ride a rickshaw tour and feel the traditional local culture of Japan? Let’s go!

Unlike modern vehicles such as cars and trains, rickshaws allow you to slowly enjoy the street views. Riding on a rickshaw, you don’t have to worry which sightseeing spots to go or what kinds of information to study first. The rickshaw puller (shafu in Japanese) will guide you through the famous tourist attractions, so you know the way to have fun at every spot! Now, we are going to introduce you the rickshaw rides in Japan.

Rickshaws are beloved from past until now

Rickshaw was a common transportation means in the 19th century and the early 20th century. Nowadays, buses and trains have replaced the role of rickshaws as the means of transportation.

In the present day, rickshaws are used only for sightseeing purpose, moving around tourist attractions.

A rickshaw tour in Kyoto, a city with many hills

Kyoto is undoubtedly a must-visit place for those who are interested in the tradition and history of Japan. While it is a town with many hills, it becomes tiring to walk around all the streets you want to visit, as climbing up slopes is inevitable. So here, a rickshaw ride is perfect for you!

Is it the best to feel the cool breeze while enjoying the time-honored traditional streets in Kyoto?

Among so many popular spots in Kyoto, Arashiyama is especially perfect for a rickshaw tour. Arashiyama bamboo grove is a notable tourist site there, with countless bamboos standing high in the sky. Let’s enjoy the green-painted stunning scenery in a rickshaw! Enjoy being surrounded by the nostalgic Kyoto atmosphere!

Sightseeing in a rickshaw in Kurashiki: feel the retro style

Kurashiki in Okayama prefecture was once upon a time very prosperous, being “a city of merchants”. Nowadays, it becomes a tourist site famous for its historical streets. There are also rickshaws available for sightseeing.

If you take a rickshaw ride, a one-hour sightseeing route can be finished in a half hour. For those who wants to seize every minute and second, do consider going for a rickshaw tour!

Visit Asakusa comfortably with a guide

The most well-known place in Tokyo for rickshaw ride is, Asakusa.

Asakusa is an especially popular sightseeing place. There are always many tourists crowded together, trying to walk around the area. Ride on a rickshaw and you don’t have to be crowded. Have fun in Asakusa gently and elegantly. Isn’t it wonderful?

Another reason to go for a rickshaw ride is, the rickshaw pullers may guide you to secret spots which guidebooks do not mention. They can tell more stories and information than what a guidebook stated.

What’s more, the chance to meet a handsome rickshaw puller is also why rickshaw tour is popular. It is said that many of the rickshaw pullers are charming. Maybe it is because pulling a rickshaw is very physically demanding? Don’t hesitate to ride on a rickshaw! There are English (or other language) speaking rickshaw pullers.

Travel elegantly in a rickshaw!

Go for a rickshaw ride, and you can enjoy sightseeing easily for a whole day. No worries about getting exhausted! Listen to interesting stories and get more detailed information. Enjoy a wonderful trip! Get cheap air tickets with DeNA TRAVEL now.