A trip for onsen junkies: Experience true nature at Yufuin

Yufuin is best known for its hot springs. In Yufuin where it is surrounded by nature, people visit the place to enjoy the scenery as well as to relax.

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At the centre of Oita prefecture

Yufuin is located in Oita prefecture, Kyushu region. The easiest way to get to Yufuin is via Oita airport. From Narita airport to Oita airport, there is a direct flight that takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes. At Oita airport, take the high speed bus bound for Yufuin. The bus ride will be about 1 hour. Since Yufuin is a popular tourist spot, the access is easy from anywhere.

Origin of the name "Yufuin"

The origin of the name Yufuin comes from these two words, Yufuin-cho” (由布院町) and “Yunohira-mura” (湯平村) where both the words are merged to form the name of the city that we know today, Yufuin (湯布院).

Symbol of Yufuin, Mount. Yufudake

As you arrive upon Yufuin, you’ll see the landmark of the city, Mount. Yufudake.

Mount. Yufudake is an active volcano with an altitude of 1,583 m. It is popular spot for mountain climbing  because on the top of the mountain, there is a type of azalea flowers called “Minamakirishima” which blooms only on the mountain top in Kyushu.

You can also rent a car or take a train that goes around the mountain area and enjoy the green landscapes nearby.

Take a stroll down "Yunotsubo Main Street"

From the station to hot spring areas, we recommend you to go pass a sightseeing spot called “Yunotsubo Main Street.” There are a number of restaurants and craft shops that builds up the traditional Japanese atmosphere in the city!

Enjoy plenty of activity, such as eating at the food stalls and foot-baths!

The "gold-award croquette"

When in Yufuin, one menu that you can’t miss out on your trip is “Yufuin gold-award croquette.” This croquette won first prize at a contest held by Japan’s national public broadcasting organization (NHK). In Japan, people treat croquettes as snacks but you can also eat them with rice. If you have a chance, don’t forget to try this croquette at Yufuin, you’ll definitely be addicted to its taste!

Exquisite scenery at Lake Kinrin

Have you ever imagined yourself standing in a dreamlike scenery?

Lake Kinrin is like a 20-minute walk from Yunotsubo Main Street. During the mornings of autumn and winter, a layer of white fog covers on the surface of water, resembling an enormous hot spring. This scenery is truly unseen elsewhere.

A hot-spring awaits, relax at Shimonoyu

Located near the entrance of Lake Kinrin, there is an onsen called “Shitanyu”. This public bath has a small mixed-bath and an opened-air bath, and it is open until late night. Since there is a mixed bath, it is recommended for women to go the bath in the evening.

Say goodbye to your exhaustion while looking at the amazing scenery from the bath. The entry fee is just 200 yen which is a really good deal for the scenery at Yufuin.

For your beautiful skin: Cobalt Blue Hot-spring

Shitanyu might be a wonderful hot-spring and of course in Yufuin there are still many more hot-springs for you to be relaxed at. “Shoya-no-Yakata” is a hot-spring that is famous for its cobalt blue water bath which is said to make your skin smooth and beautiful. This place is popular among women.

Accommodation is also available but if you just want to stop by for the bath, it is 800 yen per person.

A hot-spring in a 100-year-old ryokan

If you want to experience staying in a traditional Japanese inn (ryokan), we recommend you “Sansuikan.” This ryokan has been established for over 70 years and it is famous for its outdoor bath. From their outdoor bath, you can see the beautiful view of a Japanese garden as well as the symbol of Yufuin, Mount Yufudake.

You don’t have to stay over at their ryokan to use the hot-spring service, plus you can also ask them for a special meal package!

Visit Yufuin for the best hot-springs

We hope you enjoy reading our article on the charismatic town for hot-springs, Yufuin.

Find your favourite ryokan and stay a night there, you will definitely want to visit Yufuin on your next vacation!

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