Healing sea in Fukuoka: Marine World, reopened in spring 2017 after renovation!

The most loved aquarium in Fukuoka is now reopened after a big renovation! Fukuoka is located in Kyushu, the most westerly of the four main islands in Japan. Now, we are going to introduce to you a healing trip to the sea in Kyushu!

The aquarium is largely renovated

Marine World Uminonakamichi is in fact the only aquarium in Fukuoka, the biggest city in Kyushu. It has been famous for the featured shows and of its own style for many years. From October 2016, it was closed for renovation. It is already reopened on April 12th, 2017.

3.4 billion yen for the renovation! Not only the interior of the aquarium is illuminated, but the contents of exhibitions are also replaced with newly designed contents, through which visitors feel more like they are experiencing the real sea. I guess no one can wait to see!

It heals you from the very beginning

“Healing” is an important theme of this renovation. An entrance is where visitors come and see first. Let’s see how the new entrance is designed! Built in a well-hole style, with sunlight shining through the ceiling, the entrance looks spacious and lively. The inferior is decorated with waterfalls and greeneries which make you feel like in a warm resort in Fukuoka!

When visiting indoor aquariums, don’t you feel like being isolated from your past experiences? Whereas in Marine World Uminonakamichi, everything is just different: you feel completely comfortable here, thanks to the perfect design for the space.

It is scientifically proven that sea creatures have the power of healing to human beings. Don’t you want to experience the healing power of sea creatures in Marine World Uminonakamichi?

Lots of fun in Kyushu's sea

The largest theme for the new Marine World Uminonakamichi is “Kyushu’s sea”. Feeling dull about the theme? You will know you are so wrong to have such thought. Kyushu’s sea has got lots of unique geographical features, intertwined with complicated ocean currents, which makes it outstandingly interesting. What’s interesting is not only the sea, but more importantly also the animals living there!

The new exhibition is apparently the most looked forward part of the aquarium, but remember the fish tank is also a must-see!

One of the reasons why observing aquatic animals can be healing is random movement, of which fire in stove and sounds of rain are representative examples. Have you ever felt miraculously healed when listening to the sound of raindrops hitting the window? I bet you have!

The new fish tank in Marine World Uminonakamichi is rebuilt applying the latest technology to lights, images and sound effects. It aims at not just reproducing a realistic habitat environment for the creatures, and also strengthening the healing power by generating naturally random movement as if it is a real sea. Now you are thrilling to visit and enjoy the healing tank, aren’t you?

Get energized from the sea animals show

The sea animals show is another eye-catching event in Marine World Uminonakamichi. Using Hakata Bay as background, the pool here has been a hot topic among visitors from the day it was built! Now after the renovation, for sure it is even more spectacular than before!

The new pool without any fences or walls allows you to enjoy an even wider sea view without any obstacles. What’s more, the stage for sea lions is set at the front of the pool so that you can watch the show clearer. Let’s have fun watching the lively show, and get energized!

Visit Fukuoka for healing

Marine World Uminonakamichi is located in Fukuoka city, Fukuoka prefecture. From Fukuoka Airport, it takes 2 hours to Marine World Uminonakamichi. First, take a train bound for Hakata station. Then, at Hakata station, transfer a train, and get to Kashi station or Chojabaru station. Finally, transfer once more to Uminonakamichi station. It is easier if you go by car!

Heal yourself in spring! Fukuoka: the perfect choice!

Marine World Uminonakamichi is undoubtedly a must-go spot! Especially after renovation, everything is perfectly designed, so you must have a lot of fun there. What else are you waiting for? This year, enjoy spring in Fukuoka! DeNA TRAVEL offers discounted air fares. Search flights on DeNA TRAVEL! It is simple and easy.