The origin of pop culture: Nature?! Enjoy Yoyogi park in Harajuku for free!

Wanna get rid of the crowd in Tokyo? Try Yoyogi park! Yoyogi park is one of the most well-known parks in Tokyo, and is perfect for having a relaxing walk.

There are big ponds, fountains, and innumerous plants in yoyogi park. You will hardly believe yourself being in Harajuku! The local people like to enjoy the view of nature here in Yoyogi park, and consider it a place to chill out. It is all for free!

Two totally different worlds in Harajuku

Tokyo is well-known in the world for being the origin of pop culture, especially entertainment among so many aspects. There are always lots of people getting interested in the music, animation and fashion originated from Tokyo. Harajuku is the exact place in Tokyo which creates such a wide range of pop culture. For instance, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, the icon of pop culture, is originated from Harajuku.

So pop culture is what the world sees in Harajuku, while the another side of Harajuku is often overlooked.

Right stepping out of the Harajuku station retro building, it is a very vigorous shopping street, Takeshita Street, lined with fashion boutiques, cafes and restaurants. It is often so crowded that you even have to walk literally “shoulder by shoulder” with others in holidays. You can have a feel of the unique and vivid atmosphere of Harajuku while you walk along of the shopping street.

So this is the most well-known side of Harajuku. How about the opposite side? It is a world of nature, contrasting with the pop culture world.

So in this article, we are going to introduce Yoyogi park, the world of nature.

It is a 30-minute train ride from Tokyo station (to where it takes 40 minutes from Haneda airport) to Harajuku station by Yamanote line. Then, from the station, walk for three minutes and you will arrive at Yoyogi park.

It actually takes you shorter time by metro instead of Yamanote line, but it will be a bit hard for tourists to transfer at stations. So Yamanote line is recommended!

A large and beautiful park for free

You will have idea how big Yoyogi park is by just looking at the map. It is as big as Tokyo Disneyland! The well-organized trees, flowers and lawns together make spectacular views in the park. Anyone will be energized enjoying the nature there!

You can enjoy such a gorgeous, well-organized park for free! When speaking of famous parks in Tokyo, it is likely that everyone will think of the Shinjuku Gyoen in Shinjuku. But they charge for admission. Though the two parks have different historical backgrounds, the beauty of Yoyogi park is no worse than that of Shinjuku Gyoen. So why not have a look at Yoyogi park for free?

Of course the park is well-equipped with facilities including washrooms. So you don’t have to be worried when you enjoy the park with your children.

A popular spot in Yoyogi park! The widest sky and a big fountain

When you visit Yoyogi park, don’t forget to chill out at the lawn in the middle of the park! Laying on the lawn, you won’t see any buildings or electric wire blocking the sky. It is so relaxing enjoying the wide sky and you won’t remember you are in fact in a busy city at the moment. It is said that in Yoyogi park, you can enjoy the widest sky, among all the parks in Tokyo.

At south of the lawn, the big fountain in the pond cools off you! It shoots water high in the air from three different positions, which is very spectacular if you come close.

By the way, you may find quite a lot of people practising dance and acting around there. Maybe the pop culture said to be originated from Harajuku, is actually born in Yoyogi park!

Rent a bike and cycle around the park

There are various areas in Yoyogi park and each has its own atmosphere. You may consider riding a bike to see around the park. The park offers rental bikes for adults and children, so you don’t have to bring your own bike. What’s more, there are some bicycles for two people to ride together, which are highly recommended for couples, friends, and families! Make fun memories with your beloved ones!

A variety of flowers to feel four seasons

Every year in early April, there are always crowds of people coming to enjoy sakura, the most famous flowers in Japan. Sakura is by no doubts stunning, but in fact, Yoyogi park offers not only sakura, but also many other various kinds of spledid flowers and plants.

The plants in Yoyogi park is planted and nurtured carefully by a local volunteer organization, without which there can’t be such a spectacular scenery in the park. The volunteers have paid all efforts to design the park with different flowers blooming throughout the year. When you think of their efforts, the flowers seem to be even more stunning than before! Do take lots of photos to memorize such a meaningful park!

Plenty of events in weekends

There are always events being held at the outdoor stage or plaza in Yoyogi park in weekends. The events are of various kinds, such as international festivals where you may enjoy delicious cuisines and music from different countries, and even “free markets” (Japanese saying of “flea markets”). For those who like to talk to local people, join a free market and you can have deep communication with other participants!

On every different day you visit the park, in a totally different way you can discover fun here! What’s more special than this? That is also a reason why Yoyogi park is so attractive to everyone.

Explore Harajuku and Yoyogi park!

When you come to Harajuku for experiencing Japanese pop culture, don’t forget to have a look at the opposite side too! It must be fun to see such a big contrast: the green nature in Yoyogi park and the vivid colours in the shopping streets. When tradition meets modernity, doesn’t it resemble the core value of Tokyo? There are still a lot more waiting for you to explore! What are you waiting for? Book LCC air tickets on DeNA TRAVEL!