Little Edo "Kawagoe", a traditional but colorful trip

Kawagoe is becoming popular spot for movie shooting and photography as the traditional buildings were the remnants from the Edo period. During the 17th-19th century, Kawagoe was developed as a castle town and as it became prosperous just like former Tokyo (Edo), the town has been recognized as “Little Edo”.

Let’s enjoy a trip to search for colorfulness at Kawagoe’s “Little Edo”.

Things to do in Kawagoe

Kawagoe is located in Saitama prefecture, which is around a 60-minute train ride from central Tokyo. At Kawagoe, you can find retro-styled buildings, lots of shrines and experience natural surroundings. How amazing is it to find buildings from the Edo period (17th-19th century), Meiji period (19th-20th century) and the Taisho period (early 20th century) all in one place at Kawagoe!

Fall in love with the retro-styled shopping street, "Taisho Roman Yume Dori"

This street leaves a nostalgic image of the Taisho era. On Children’s Day (May 5th), carp banners or “Koinobori” are decorated along the streets.

Colorful candies that will make your heart pop!

The “Candy Alley” is a place you can’t miss out when you visit Kawagoe. As you walk down the district, you will find “Dagashi (cheap sweets)” shops. These traditional sweets is not just every adult’s favourite, but are also popular among children in this generation.
There are a number of multicolored candies you can find at this street. Purchase these candies and color up your life!

Attract good luck with "Aitaimikuji"

“Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine” is a famous for relationships and matchmaking. One of the popular fortune-telling paper strips you can find here is “Aitaimikuji”. It comes in the shape of a snapper fish. There are two colors – the red fish will grant you a safe year and the white-pink fish will grant you a chance to meet your significant other.

To receive your fortune, use the provided fishing rod to catch a fish and pull the fortune-strip from its tail. Good luck!

The luxurious "Kawagoe Festival"

Even though there are many events and festivals held at Kawagoe, if you have a chance you should visit the “Kawagoe Festival” which is designated as an “Important Intangible Culture Property” in Japan.

At the Kawagoe Festival, many parade-float will appear. Please enjoy viewing the brilliant embroidery and sculptures during the day and a fantastic landscape lit up with lanterns at night.

Through various eras and cultures from us, to the world

“Little Edo” Kawagoe is a place where you can travel down the memory lane. Traditional shops and places, the atmosphere here will convince you to visit here more than once.
We hope you have enjoyed reading our article on the colorful world of Kawagoe!