Enchanted with a sweet scent of vivid flowers: Trellis of Wisteria at Kawachi Fuji garden

From April to May, the landscapes of Kawachi Fuji garden transforms into a field of purple flowers. The beauty of wisteria trellis here is widely recognized. Let us take you to the phenomena world of wisteria.

We invite you to the world of Wisteria

“A garden full of beautiful flowers and a sweet scent.” This isn’t a dream. Are you thinking of visiting this place? Kawachi Fuji garden is located in Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka prefecture in Kyushu.

A paradise of flowers

Kawachi Fuji garden is a private park opened in 1977. The park is opened to public during the wisteria blooming season. Trellis of wisteria here are 80 metres long and the most popular attraction here is the 200-metre wisteria tunnel. Moreover, there’s also a wisteria dome, a large wisteria wall and a field of wisterias covering an area of approximately 6000 m².

It is globally recognized as the most beautiful place in Japan

The best time to see wisterias is around late April to mid-May. Around this time, you can see 20 different kinds of wisteria blooming on a total of 150 trees. According to CNN, Kawachi Fuji garden during this season is chosen as “one of the 31 most beautiful places in Japan”.

Take photos at the wisteria dome

At the garden, you can find different shades of wisteria flowers. There are many good spots for you to take photos, and one of them is at the wisteria dome. Surrounded by wisterias, this will be the best commemorative photo. One thing to keep in mind is that full-fledged shooting with a tripod in the main route and sales of photographed pictures are prohibited.

You can buy tickets in advance

It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance. You can buy tickets at convenience stores or travel agencies. The tickets go on sale from mid-March and you’ll have to pick a designated time and date to go into the garden.

The admission fee for Kawachi Fuji garden varies depending on the blooming status of wisterias. It is 500 yen during the start and the end of the period, 1000 yen during the middle and 1500 yen during the full bloom.

Tours are available

The garden is located in the mountains which is a little far away from the city area and public transportation does not pass nearby. It is about a 50-minute walk from the nearest bus stop so it is better to take a tour bus from Hakata to get to the garden.

Besides that, there are tours for the neighbouring cities such as Beppu city in Oita prefecture which is famous for hot springs.

Visit the park during summer and autumn

If you are unable to come during the wisteria season, you can experience a different atmosphere if you visit the garden during other seasons. Kawachi Fuji garden is also opened early summer until autumn, the place is also famous for the fresh green landscape and autumn leaves. In autumn, you can find over 700 of maple trees at the garden and it is best to see autumn leaves around November and December. You can visit the garden in summer around May and June for the green summer leaves.

Kawachi Fuji garden is a dream come true

Visit the world’s top wisteria attraction here at Kawachi Fuji garden in Kyushu. A wonderful experience like this is waiting for you so don’t hesitate to find the best flights to Japan at DeNA Travel!