A chance to encounter endangered species on Ogasawara Islands, a World Natural Heritage Site

Have you ever heard of Ogasawara Islands? To visit there, it takes about 25 hours from Tokyo for one way! Isn’t it unbelievable that people still want to go there? Why should people visit such far islands? Well, here is the thing. Ogasawara Islands offer a rich nature which is registered by UNESCO as a Natural Heritage, one category of the World Heritage Sites. Rare creatures are often found there too! Let’s take on the journey to Chichijima, one of the Ogasawara Islands!

A diversity of creatures on the Ogasawara Islands

Designated as one of the World Natural Heritage Sites, Ogasawara Islands is undoubtedly most charming for its nature. Such a precious nature provides a habitat for plenty of rare creatures, and not a few endangered species! Visiting Ogasawara Islands, you may have the good fortune to see these rarely seen animals in person!

Boat is the only access to get there

A boat ride is your only option to get to Ogasawara Islands. The port to start your journey is just a 1-minute walk from Takeshiba station in Tokyo. “Ogasawara Maru” is the only regular ship at the port departing for Chichijima, Ogasawara Islands. Before you go on board, make sure you know that it will take you 25 hours. Considering how precious your experience will be, don’t you think the whole-day boat ride is totally worthy now?

Have fun with sea turtles handily without diving or snorkelling

First of all, we are going to introduce “Ogasawara Marine Center” on Chichijima of Ogasawara Islands. The centre features an educational programme named literally “sea turtle classroom”. Besides getting to know more about sea turtles by listening to the instructors, visitors can further come in contact with the sea turtles closely through a “feeding experience” session offered in the classroom. What a fun activity!

A great experience to observe baby sea turtles

Apart from educational purposes, Ogasawara Marine Center aims to raise the survival rate of Chelonia mydas, which is commonly known as green sea turtles. One of its programmes is to breed green sea turtles and return them to the sea, so as to save the species from extinction. Therefore, the likelihood is that you can say hello to the baby sea turtles and observe how they are being raised in the centre.

A tiny aquarium on Chichijima

There is a small-scale aquarium in the “Ogasawara Marine Product Center” on Chichijima. Although it is not as big as other famous aquariums, there you are granted the opportunity to meet various kinds of sea creatures living around the island. By the way, the admission is free! Why don’t you drop by there?

"Fish teeth brushing experience"…? Wait, do fish brush their teeth?!

The top recommendation in the aquarium is, the “fish teeth brushing experience” offered there. “Hilgendorf’s saucord” is the kind of fish participating in this activity. Once you put the specifically provided toothbrush into the pool, those Hilgendorf’s saucords will all swim to your toothbrush and open their mouths to let you brush their teeth! Some of them will even grab the chance to brush their gills and bodies. Isn’t it funny? Such entertaining activity can hardly be found in other aquariums, so remember to put it in your itinerary!

Be ready to happen on Columbia Janthina nitens, an endangered species

Columbia Janthina nitens, a subspecies of Japanese wood pigeons, is an endangered species. Having similar colours with peafowls, the species is also one of the largest pigeons in the East Asia region, with a length of up to 40 cm long. In spite of the encounter with human beings, Columbia Janthina nitens never slips away. There are only about 30 to 40 left on Ogasawara islands at this moment, so if you happen to discover them, it must be a great fortune!

Take on a night tour! Explore the rich nature under the dark sky

As it is always warm on Ogasawara islands throughout the year, a night tour there is highly praised in all seasons. A guide will be with you all along the tour, introducing every discovery you find. Be relaxed taking on the journey in the dark!

Don’t miss the must-see “green pepes” during the night tour! “Green pepe” is a common name for Mycena chlorophos, which is a bioluminescent mushroom emitting a mysterious pale green light at night.

Another encounter you can’t miss is with Bonin fruit bats (in Japanese literally Ogasawara giant bat). Bonin fruit bats are found only on Ogasawara islands among the world, and are nationally designated as a Natural Monument of Japan. Being a nocturnal animal, they go out to hunt for flower nectar and fruits at night. It is likely that you will see them during the night tour!

Full of surprises! Get thrilled by the amazing nature

Not only Ogasawara islands offers you the natural environment, but also the chance to contact with rare creatures, as well as endangered species. Find your flight and plan your exploring trip with us! We provide you with variety and quality at an incomparable price.