Soothe your heart in Hasedera Temple, a temple of flowers in Kamakura!

Let’s go to Hasedera Temple and immerse yourself in the Japanese culture! Hasedera Temple is well-recognized as the temple of flowers, featuring a variety of flowers and plants in four different seasons. Chill out, and take a stroll there!

Hasedera Temple, where you can come across the nature in each of the four seasons

Hasedera Temple, which is located in Kamakura, Kanagawa prefecture, has two ponds and a stroll garden in the go-round style. Since there are various types of plants and flowers blooming throughout the year, you can enjoy the beauty of nature there in any season.

Kamakura, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Japan

Kamakura, where Hasedera Temple is located, has gained its popularity for the old Japanese landscape which remains there, and therefore has become a very well-known tourist attraction. As there are also other featured temples in Kamakura, it is a dream place for those who are interested in Buddhism in Japan! What’s more, surrounded to the north, east and west by mountains and to the south by the sea, Kamakura is where you can appreciate the beauty of mountains and the sea at the same time. This place will never disappoint nature lovers! Let’s enjoy the fresh air and natural environment there!

The most enchanting flowers in summer: Hydrangeas

Hasedera Temple is most crowded in June, the rainy season in which hydrangeas are in full bloom. You can find more than 2500 hydrangeas of more than 40 varieties blooming gorgeously together in all around Hasedera Temple.

Line up to enjoy the stunning hydrangeas in full bloom!

There are many people who want to enjoy the hydrangeas blooming at their best. It is even possible that you will have to wait at lines to enter Hasedera Temple. But don’t give up! The flowers are definitely worth seeing. It is never easy to dig for gold, right?

Gorgeous red leaves in autumn

You can see red leaves in Hasedera Temple from late November. The temple holds special night visits every year, which feature illuminated red leaves at night. Do go for it when you visit Kamakura in November!

Celebrate the birth of Buddha in spring: a flower festival!

Cherry blossom, rhododendron, and paeonia are all blooming in April, and there is a flower festival in Hasedera Temple. In the festival, worshipers pour “amacha”, a Japanese herbal tea, on the statue of a newborn Buddha, so as to celebrate the birth of Buddha, and wish for the healthy growth of their children.

Enjoy Japanese tea and cherry blossoms at the same time

In the flower festival, visitors are also offered amacha. So you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing while tasting delicious Japanese tea. Isn’t it the best way to experience the Japanese culture?

Access to Hasedera Temple

Hasedera Temple is a 5-minute walk from Hase station, the third station from Kamakura along the Enoden railway line. The hours of operation are 8:00~21:00 from March to September, and 8:00~16:30 from October to February. As there are also other temples located close to Hasedera Temple, why don’t you pay a visit after enjoying in Hasedera Temple?

Be enchanted with the tasteful flowers in Hasedera Temple!

When you are planning for your next trip to Japan, make sure Hasedera Temple is on your bucket list. Loosen up and chill out in such a beautiful and peaceful natural environment there! Don’t forget to book airline tickets on our website!