Find the best curry restaurants at Kanda station

Curry is the most recognized dish of Indian cuisine but the taste of Japanese curry definitely won’t lose to that. Recently, thanks to the influence of Japanese anime, the number of Japanese curry restaurants and its popularity are increasing rapidly overseas.
Let us take you to a town in Tokyo called Kanda, where you can taste autenthic Japanese curry!

History of Japanese curry

Curry, originated from India is a dish that uses a combination of different spices. It was first introduced in Japan from the UK in the 19th century, and by then Japanese people have developed their own original curry which is the Japanese curry you know today. Characteristics of Japanese curry include the use of curry roux and it is relatively sweet compared to Indian curry. Today, Japanese curry is known as one of the “national dishes”. If you ask Japanese people what their favourite food is, curry is among the top responses.

Even though Japanese curry tastes different from Indian curry, Indian people do enjoy eating Japanese curry as well.

Are you now interested to try Japanese curry?

Find the best curry restaurants at Kanda station

The hot spot for curry restaurants is at Kanda. There are a number of curry restaurants and each restaurant provides their original curry menu.

Kanda station is about 2 minutes by train from Tokyo station. You can actually walk there from Tokyo station, which will take about 20 minutes. Kanda is close to popular tourist spots such as the Imperial Palace and Ginza. It might be good to stop there, make yourself a little hungry before eating curry!

What is Kanda's no.1 curry restaurant?

There are nearly 400 curry restaurants in Kanda area. A event called “Kanda Curry Grand Prix” is held annually to determine the number one curry restaurant in the area.

Preliminary voting is carried out around September each year, and restaurants chosen by the vote will participate in the event held at Ogawa Square in Kanda. The winner will be decided by votes from the audience. The battle for the best curry restaurant will be held around late October or early November. It is a must-see if you like curry!

The challenge to become number one

You would definitely want to visit Kanda Curry Grand Prix after you’ve tried a few currys at Kanda!

In this article, we will introduce you to the the champion restaurants from 2011 to 2016. Don’t forget to visit these restaurants when you’re in Kanda!

2011: Bondy (Kanda-Ogawacho branch)

Kanda Curry Grand Prix began in 2011 and the winner for that year is “Bondy”. The restaurant has history of over 40 years. Their curry consists of their secret spice blended with the sweetness, skillfully drawn from many kinds of fruits. The curry is also characterized by an exquisite flavor and a melting umami. You should also order boiled sweet potato and butter, it is said this is a perfect match with their curry!

2012: Indian restaurant Mandara

Mandara’s curry is characterized by the blending of more than 20 types of spices into its curry. Their curry is said be rich in taste and spicy. This restaurant serves naan bread with the their curry, another satisfying combination.

2013: Hinoya Curry (Kanda Branch)

The curry at “Hinoya Curry”  is not so different from curry you can make at home but somehow, it’s remarkably delicious! The best ingredients are selected from all over Japan. When you put it in your mouth, you’ll taste the sweetness and then followed by the spiciness.

2015: Joto Curry (Kanda-Ogawamachi Branch)

Originated from Osaka, Joto Curry is best known for their tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) curry. The crumb’s crispy texture, the juiciness of the meat and the spicy of the curry are very well matched. Once you’ve tried, you might be addicted to it!

2014 & 2016:100 Hours Curry B&R Kanda Branch

“100 Hour Curry B&R Kanda branch” fulfilled a victory of winning twice in 2014 and 2016. The restaurant spent 100 hours looking for the most luxurious wagyu beef, vegetables and fruit umami. The taste of the curry is worth the amount of time spent to make the 2-time award-winning curry.

A fan of Japanese curry? Visit Kanda!

If you are interested in Japanese curry, definitely visit Kanda. When you’re there, make sure you visit the champion curry restaurants!