Jungle adventure: best parent-child activity ever! Children aged 1 or above are welcome

This spring, let’s visit Okinawa for the best parent-child activity, a jungle adventure trip! Enjoy a kayak tour and explore the beauty of nature with your kids! Children aged 1 or above are welcome.

Spring is the perfect season to visit Okinawa

A kayak tour is best recommended to create wonderful memories with your children. How about having the adventure in a mangrove jungle in Okinawa, the southernmost prefecture of Japan? As it is steaming hot in summer in Okinawa, it doesn’t seem like a brilliant idea to start your adventure in summer, especially that you will be under the sun for a long time. The weather from March to April is warm and comfortable, so it is considered the perfect time for sightseeing in Okinawa.

Let's experience a kayak tour!

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The tour “Mangrove Jungle Expedition on a Family Friendly Private Kayak from Onna” we are introducing this time welcomes not only adults, but also small kids from 1 year old. Frankly saying, a kayak tour is not uncommon nowadays, but one which even small kids can join is not common at all to see. So the point here is, you can have fun exploring the nature together with your kids, and now you don’t have to be annoyed with finding a nursery place during your trip!

How to dress and what to bring

When you arrive at the meeting place for the tour, fill out the application form, and change your clothes if needed. You don’t have to wear swimsuits, but be sure you are wearing clothes you don’t mind getting wet. Wear a hat to protect your head from sun, and use sunscreen, as you will be outdoors for hours. At the end of your kayak trip, it is likely that you are going to be wet. So don’t forget to pack a towel to dry yourself off and a change of clothes to go home in.

No worries for newbies! Tutorial on how to paddle included

Before you really ride in a kayak, the staff will guide you on how to paddle a kayak. So, learn the technique of kayaking from the friendly staff, and you will have no difficulty in paddling a kayak even if it is your first time. You can do it!

Time to depart! Ride in a kayak

It is time to ride in the kayak and depart for the mangrove forest! It is breathtaking to paddle through the luxuriant mangrove trees. Enjoying the mysterious nature, it is not only your kids who feel excited, but you also! Despite of the thrilling atmosphere, it is in fact very safe. There is no wave in the river so it is easy to keep your kayak steady and you can hold your kids in arms.

Take a rest in the middle of your kayaking. Fish splash in water whilst birds sing around you. What else can be more pleasant than enjoying in the real nature?

There are still many for you to discover and explore!

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It is a rare chance to have such a close look at the densely crowded mangrove trees. Your children are surely curious about everything there, including the mysterious huge nests of some unknown living creatures. There is also a variety of plants that you and your kids have never seen before in cities! While your eyes must be too busy looking at the tremendous spectacles that the nature offers you, don’t forget to give your kids a lecture about the impressive nature!

Snack time in the mangrove jungle

Feeling a bit hungry? Here comes the snack time! Drinks and specialties of Okinawa are included in the tour. The fresh air in nature makes the snacks even more tasty, don’t you think? It is also so relaxing to enjoy the natural beauty while eating.

Lodges at the meeting place of the tour

The meeting place for the tour is at “Nature Mirai”, which is a facility for learning and experiencing the nature. It is one hour from Naha airport by car.

The facility offers accommodations in cottages. Other fun activities you can do there include having barbecues and looking at the sparkling stars in the clear sky. After the kayak tour, why don’t you consider staying a night there as well?

It must be an unforgettable memory for both you and your children! Let's go for a kayak tour!

(Source: www.veltra.com)

An adventure in the mangrove forest in Okinawa is undoubtedly the best choice for your spring trip this year. Create memories for your kids, and they have a proud story to tell when they grow up. The tour we introduce this time can be reserved at the link here:Mangrove Jungle Expedition on a Family Friendly Private Kayak from Onna.

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