The highlights of Shibuya: shopping paradise, traditional performing arts and more…

Shibuya is a symbol of Tokyo. Many musicians and movies from overseas have done filming in Shibuya. Hearing this, if you visit Tokyo, you would want to visit Shibuya once, don’t you? Shibuya has become a notable area in Tokyo because of the famous “Shibuya Crossing”. Shopping and traditional arts, let us introduce you to what you may find at Shibuya.

A lively city

Shibuya Crossing – this scrambled intersection has been featured in many parts of the world as the area in Tokyo that is densely populated. It is the centre of Japan’s youth culture.

It is a 20-minute train ride from Tokyo station (40 minutes by bus from Haneda Airport). Shibuya station is also a terminal station so you can easily get to other places in Tokyo.

Your Shibuya sightseeing trip starts at this dog statue

When you exit Shibuya station from the north side, search for the dog statue. The name of the dog statue who guards Shibuya station is “Hachiko”. The statue is a popular meeting place for people that visit Shibuya.

Hachiko statue is based on a true story about a dog who waited in front of the station for nine years without knowing the owner’s death. This story was made into a movie starring Richard Gere. It is a very moving story, so if you are interested please come visit and take photos with Hachiko!

The busiest intersection – Shibuya Crossing

When you exit Shibuya station, what you will see before Hachiko statue is the Shibuya Crossing. Yes, that busy intersection. Thee crowd that the signal changes in direction is one spectacular sight. Especially on holidays, there will be a lot of people people and you might not be able to cross the green lights on time. Remember to get a good shot of yourself crossing the world’s busiest intersection!

For the latest fashion, food and home appliances – Shibuya is a shopping paradise

Enjoy shopping at Shibuya! Shibuya is the hub of the hottest fashion trends in Tokyo. Moreover, there are many fancy cafes and restaurants at Shibuya. Do you want to check out the hottest trends in Tokyo?

Some people may not be interested in clothes and food. Why don’t look out for the coolest home appliances out there? There are large electronics mass merchant shops near the east exit of Shibuya station. If your family visits Shibuya, everyone can enjoy shopping. Parents can check out the latest home appliances in Japan, and the younger ones can go shopping. Home electronics are of course tax free!

Escape from the liveliness and experience traditional art

At the south side of Shibuya station, Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel is a place where you can enjoy the “Noh”, or Japanese musical drama. The hotel has a big Noh stage at its basement. However, performances are not held so regularly so it is recommended that you check the schedule on their website and book tickets in advance.

Konnoh Hachimangu Shrine

There is a shrine in Shibuya where you can also watch traditional performing arts. That is the Konnoh Hachimangu Shrine. The shrine was built in 1092 years, which means that it has been around for almost 1,000 years! This sacred place is a drift in atmosphere from the lively Shibuya that you know. The shrine is also a popular sakura sightseeing spot in spring.

Shibuya in the evening, feel it like the locals

Eating and drinking establishments listed in the sightseeing guide in Tokyo are usually the high-end ones. Despite, there are many people who would love to know about restaurants that the locals visit. If you happen to be an alcohol lover, visit Shibuya Nonbei Yokocho. There are a number of Japanese bars in the alley and it is a popular place for tourists to spend their evening at.

Popular cuisines for Japanese locals are “oden” and “yakitori”. Oden consists of vegetables and meat with Japanese style soup, it is perfect for cold weather. Yakitori literally translates to “grilled chicken” and it goes perfectly well with Japanese sake. Make your trip memorable by trying the locals’ favourite food!

Shibuya is alive at night

Shibuya is known as the town for young adults. At night, Shibuya comes alive. It’s clubbing time!

WOMB is the biggest nightclub in Shibuya. Here, you’ll get to meet the top DJs, such as Yasutaka Nakada, who is Japanese pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s producer. This place is a must-visit for music fans.

Shibuya is the essence of Tokyo

When in Shibuya, you can enjoy both shopping and sightseeing as well as experiencing traditional Japan. Be sure to visit Shibuya during your trip. Visit DeNA Travel for the best flights to Tokyo!