Terms and Conditions

Table of Travel-related Handling Fees

Please note that we will undertake the provision of travel-related services upon your request, under the terms and conditions stated in this document.

Additional fees shall be charged in case of cancellation. Please apply for tickets after confirming the below details on fees and charges.

Airline Ticket

AirTrip Cancellation Handling Fee AUD 50 (per ticket)*1
Administration Fee for Voluntary Change AUD 100 (per ticket)
Administration Fee for Involuntary Change/Refund at most AUD 30 (per ticket)
  • *1 If your itinerary contains "Multiple Airlines", it could be made in separate bookings and the Administration Fee could be doubled.
  • *2 Depending on the airline rule, your flight might not be changeable or might require extra changing fee other than AirTrip Administration Fee.
  • *3 Please note that LCC (Low Cost Carriers) bookings are non-changeable.

Hotel Booking

AirTrip Cancellation Handling Fee 0
  • * Depending on the hotel rule, we may require Cancellation Processing Fee. Please see the cancellation policy which is indicated on the booking summary.

Consultation Fees

Consultation on Preparation of Travel Plan AUD 50 for first 30 minutes (Basic Rate) and SGD 30 each additional 30 minutes
Preparation of Itinerary AUD 30 per case
Preparation of Travel Products Price Estimate AUD 30 per case
Request for Documents and Information after the Scheduled Itinerary has Been Completed AUD 30 per sheet
Provision of Information Regarding Destination, Transportation and Accommodation, etc. AUD 10 per sheet of materials (A4 Sheet Size)

Communication Fees

Communicating with a Local Point of Contact upon Request of Customer AUD 30 per case
  • *Charges for telephone calls and other actually incurred communication costs shall be charged separately.


  • *Each of the fees stated above shall include consumption tax, but not include shipping costs.
  • *Cancellation fees payable to airlines shall be charged separately.
  • *Cancellation after completion of arrangements shall incur the cancellation processing fees.
  • *Only cancellations properly made via the Website may be accepted. Refund may not be accepted.
  • *The bookings will not just be changed for a matter of convenience of Customers. If the Customer requires alteration, cancellation of the Contract is required. In this case, cancellation fees will apply.

(As of May 2017)